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Solutions, Service and quaranteed Performance for all areas of worldwide logistics.

Your choice of transportation services is based on trust in our capabilities

The SCNet Team is experienced and very knowledgable in all aereas of worldwide logistics and is always looking for the best possible solutions regarding your shipping needs






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Door-to-door Service * L/C Handling and Documentation * Consolidated services * Import/Export Customs clearance * ATLAS, NCTS * Hazardous Materials Handling * Courier Services * Transportation Insurance Services * Proper documentation services and Supervision of all transactions

While your goods are moving out by our choice of first class carriers, our SCNet Team on the ground is working effortless on a smooth hand of your shipments

Block Space agreements to worldwide destinations for on-time departures/arrivals

Experienced, professional and competent staff with modern I.T. Technololgy offer professional Import and Export services

Worldwide handling coordinated through our efficient, flexible and fast acting global network

High Volume and strong long lasting relations with all major carriers guarrantee attractive contracts and major savings which are very benefitial to all our customers  

Security and quality of service are the utmost priority within our organization, individual and personal customer service are the most important factors regarding internation transportation services

Information and history

Our organization was established in 1997, is privately held and is growing steadily.

As independent organization we are capable of adjusting to the evergrowing needs and changes within our industry quickly .

With modern  technology and a highly qualified and experienced  staff, together with  a worldwide network of reliable partners and agents, we offer individualized logistics services from A-Z